August 31, 2009


Thanks to my mom’s prevalent genes that has been the one that gets me interested in reading books on recipes every time I go with my friends to crossword. I am no good a cook when compared to the friends I stay with. All I am good at is making chai (tea), thanks to my roomies who have made me an expert. Every friend’s place I visit and make chai, they grow fond of it. I sometimes wonder if it is my laziness that restricts me to only chopping vegetables when cooking on weekends.

Well, to introduce my mom, she is an amazing cook, be it any dish, she learns the recipe in no time and cooks it for us. Most of the mom’s who are home makers would be excellent cooks. My point here is how much of an inspiration she has been for people around her. Her interest in most art related things amuses me.

Another inspiration for me is one of my friend’s, I have not tasted his dishes though. I have heard a couple of them vouch for him. Once when we happened to talk about cooking, I was shocked to hear that he could cook chicken and crab dishes. Awww, Crabs are my favorite. I have never tried cooking non-vegetarian though. I enjoy the food I eat and people who know me well can figure out from the way I relish my food that I am a foodie. I try every kind of food from ragi to crabs.

Staying away from family, I have learnt to make food with just the ingredients I have at home. Imagine waking up at 11 am on a Saturday morning and then going grocery shopping! That’s the worst thing. We got used to stocking up a lot of onions and Aloo (potato). So it was always easier to make either south Indian or north Indian cos there are always pulses at home.

I’ve forgotten to mention something very important here. I’ve done one of my majors in nutrition, so you might find a lot of tips on healthy food. Gone are the says when I used to crazy about having a lot of half boiled vegetables.

All of you who are interested in learning the basics of cooking will find this blog interesting. However, for experts who visit the blog, I will try to add recipes that you might not know. :)

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